PUNCH Drag-and-Drop Fill-in-the-Blank Games

The Sun, Earth, and planets are very far from other stars in the galaxy.

Challenge Level: Medium. Word count: 371. # Blanks: 20. Prerequisites: none.

Earth spins one time around to make one day. Each time you have a birthday you have completed one more trip (orbit) around the Sun.

Challenge Level: Medium. Word count: 273. # Blanks: 17. Prerequisites: #1.

The Sun’s light helps to make our food. Energy from the Sun is essential to life on Earth.

Challenge Level: Low. Word count: 116. # Blanks: 9. Prerequisites: none.

Every second tons of material speeds away from the Sun in all directions. This so-called “solar wind” creates a “bubble” in space we call the heliosphere.

Challenge Level: High. Word count: 386. # Blanks: 16. Prerequisites: #1.

Solar storms often start in regions where there are sunspots. There is a maximum in the size and number of sunspots every 11 years.

Challenge Level: High. Word count: 378. # Blanks: 18. Prerequisites: #1, #2, & #4.

The NASA PUNCH Mission studies how the Sun’s corona expands to become the “solar wind” and tracks how solar storms change as they travel between the Sun and Earth.

Challenge Level: High. Word count: 336. # Blanks: 15. Prerequisites: #1, #4, & #5.