PUNCH Outreach 1-Page Monthly Newsletters

A multi-institutional consortium of planetariums and science centers in the US Southwest is collaborating with PUNCH mission team members and historically marginalized populations (below) to create multi-sensory, multicultural products & events of benefit to everyone!

  • Girl Scouts
  • Blind & Low-Vision Learners
  • Native American and Hispanic youth & families

Would you like to stay tuned to what the Outreach Team for the PUNCH mission is doing and delivering for use by the broader outreach community leading up to the Heliophysics Big Year? This includes the 2023 and 2024 eclipses and beyond?

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Our 1-page newsletter allows you to:

  • learn fun facts about the PUNCH mission and science
  • read highlights about our latest outreach project activities
  • become aware of our novel outreach products and when they will be available to the broader community
  • enjoy reader contributions to photos that share personal connections to the Sun

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